What mood are you in?


Feeling romantic?  Try the Rumba.  Want to get sassy?  Salsa.  Want to add drama?  Tango.

Whatever your mood, there is a dance for you.  Check out the list of dances we  teach below.

ARGENTINE Header (2).png


Desire. Crave. Lust. Seduce. You will be consumed by the true meaning of these words in the arms of a man or woman who knows the Argentine Tango. Every cell of your body will hunger for the passion this dance commands and arguably defines. All sense of self will be lost in another, and you will love every minute of it.

Bachata Header (2).png


Ever wonder what the hottest dance in the world is?  Look no further.  Bachata is arguably THE dance of today.  Enter any latin night club anywhere in the world and see what the infectious rhythm does to you and your partner.  Exchange in a sexy conversation of bodies swaying to guitar based latin beat.  You’ll never want it to end.

BOLERO Header.png


Feel swept away in romance as you dance to the seductive sounds of Bolero! Known for over a century as the "Dance of Love," Bolero's smooth rhythm, sensual movements & Rumba-inspired patterns make this dance a favorite of many. It marries the best of both worlds in ballroom dancing: the grace and poise of Smooth dancing's rise and fall styling and the Rhythm dancing's flirtatious character. This combination is both inspiring and irresistible, and invokes an innocent sensuality in everyone who dances it.

CHA CHA Header.png


Wallflowers turn into the life of the party and party people find solace when the fun and flirty music characteristic of this dance permeates nightclubs, dance halls and other events.  With its quick beat, syncopated rhythm and vibrant sound, the Cha Cha has transcended its roots in Cuban culture and invaded pop music culture as well. In addition to the strong Latin beat of its inception, the Cha Cha can be danced to the aforementioned pop music, rock and roll, country & some disco.

COUNTRY Header.png


If you love country music, then you’ll love the shuffle.  This dance is all about letting loose and having fun.  Every country song tells a story and this one certainly tells one of ease and comfort whenever a smooth Bonnie Raitt song fills the room.  This dance focuses on the crooner style of music (which is pretty much every song), allowing you and your partner to enjoy a smooth dance.



The country version of swing is an amazing ride you’ll want to go on again and again.  This fun filled party time dance is waiting to be opened by the perfect partnership.  The style of music is pertinent to every anthem from Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert to Luke Bryan and  Florida Georgia Line.  You’ll be singing along and Dancing along to every song on this list.



The Two-Step has many forms and names throughout the United States but they all have one goal in common: to celebrate the music and to have as much fun as possible! This is achieved through an easy, smooth but bouncy four-step pattern with slow and quick beats, and a multitude of turns, twists, tunnel and pretzel-like patterns at the same time you and your partner travel around the floor progressively.  It’s a dance that will encourage a festive mood, health benefits, social ease, fun and enjoyment out of life, increase self-confidence and is the perfect accompaniment to lovers of country-western music.



The Country Western Waltz is the western community’s addition to social dancing – modifying traditional waltz to move more progressively and more simply around the floor to their own version.  It builds confidence on and off the dance floor; is fun to dance because it is progressive and has the same types of turns and tricks as the Two-Step; and is a great slow dance to inspire romance with your partner.

CUMBIA Header.png


Known as the national dance of Mexico, the Cumbia is a party in a bottle.  Used in every night club and backyard get together in Mexico, you’ll love the way the way it makes you feel.  Happy, body shaking, and flirty are just a couple of words used to describe this dance.  If you are learning the latin dances, then this is sure to be on the list to learn.

FOX TROT Header.png


Originated by the Vaudeville comedian Harry Fox in 1913, the Foxtrot is a dance that depicts the fun “happy-go-lucky” feeling created in the comedic scenes during the days of Vaudeville. This dance is one of the most social of all dances due to its ease of movement and ability to have a conversation while dancing. It really hit its hay day during the rat pack era where crooners like Frank Sinatra & Bobby Darin hit the scene.  Today, the Foxtrot is no longer a dance your parents used to do. In fact, 60% of the music you generally hear at weddings, cruises, nightclubs, events and parties are usually Foxtrots.

HUSTLE Header.png


Adrenaline rushes through your body as you challenge the quick beat to a race of turns, spins, intricate footwork and vibrant expressions. You are dancing the Hustle; it's vivaciousness addicting and it's quickness confrontational. In short, it's so much fun!  While it's true that it was born in 1972, The Hustle has proven to be more than just a fad dance of a decade. It has transcended its roots to be one of the most socially acceptable couple dances of nightclubs around the world and has more than one form to filter to multiple genres of faster music – including pop, electronica, disco and contemporary. With its simplicity of steps to the quick rhythm, it's become a favorite of beginners and advanced dancers alike.

LINDY HOP Header.png


Named by Ray Bolger, after Colonel Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic. This Swing had as much "getting into the air" as possible. However, the violently acrobatic style used for exhibitions is not the same as the quietly rhythmic Lindy enjoyed by good dancers on the ballroom floor. The rhythmic patterns take place over two measures of music. The more acrobatic versions were limited to ballrooms of which the most famous was the New York's Savoy Harlem.



Now everybody loves a good line dance.  This is actually the one thing that is done everywhere in the world.  Some more popular than others, line dancing is accepted in night clubs, cruises, weddings, and movies.  As soon as the song comes on, you know you’ll be the first one up to get the party going with a Wobble.  Now let’s get to doing some dancing.

MAMBO Header.png


The fusion of Swing and Cuban music produced this fascinating rhythm and in turn, created a new sensational dance.  Latin American bandleaders such as Tito Puente, Perez Prado, and Xavier Cugat have achieved a styling of their own and furthered the Mambo craze.  In short, Mambo is one of the hottest latin dances out there.  You’ll want to add this dance to the tool belt of life.

MERENGUE Header.png


Energetic, frenzied strums of a guitar-baseline inspire the dancer to march their feet, move their hips and bring their partner into their arms with an abandonment of care.  Merengue a very popular dance in both popular nightclubs and latin clubs. It has transcended its history of cultural dance and become widely accepted as the dance that you can dance to just about any faster music today.

NIGHT CLUB 2 STEP Header (1).png


Do you like the smooth music of Chris DeBerg, Phil Collins or Brian McKnight?  Then the Night Club Two Step is for you.  A very smooth and easy dance, this one is filled with an elegant setting amidst an R&B backdrop.  If you are searching to make an impression on the dance floor, this is the dance for you.

PEABODY Header.png


If you enjoy a 1920’s rag time song, then this is the dance for you.  Created by the original rag time music, there is a lot to make away from a dance like the Peabody.  Over the years it has morphed into traveling dance with the a modern twist with music from Squirrel Nut Zippers and Post Modern Jukebox.  The Swing-ify style helps to bring about a safistication that is much like the classic elegance it was raised in.

POLKA Header.png


Do you love to dance around the floor like nobody else can?  Do you love beer, bratwurst and Polish music?  Then you’re going to love this dance for sure.  The step in nature is simple, but intricate in nature as you and your partner naturally rotate and skip across the room.  Be ready for the time of your life.

QUICKSTEP Header.png


A dance popularized lately by popular TV shows, the Quickstep glides across the floor with elegance and grace.  As one of the most entertaining of ballroom dances in the competitive world, it focus of footwork and technique make this dance a favorite amongst the truest die hard fans.  

RUMBA Header.png


Slow, sexy and romantic is what the Rumba is all about.  A favorite amongst couples, the Rumba brings attention to partnership, connection and communication.  It’s slow and sensual movements bring a focus to the hips for both partners alike.  it’s rhythm can be found in latin music from Gloria Estefan and Shakira to popular artists like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.  If you hear a slow beat at a bar in a club or on the beach, you know you’ll be dancing the Rumba.

SALSA Header.png


Salsa dancing is perhaps one of the most alluring forms of dance to beginners and experienced dancers alike, since it is set to the tune of complex Clave rhythms with Afro-Cuban percussion that simply make the body want to move. Salsa tends to have a quick tempo and incorporates movements from a wide range of Latin and western dances, which appeal to a wide range of different dancers.  In general, salsa dancing involves quick and intricate footwork with lots of movement in the hips, contributing to the almost acrobatic movements seen in more challenging salsa styles.

SAMBA Header.png


Find yourself in a perpetual body roll as the drums, trombones, trumpets and multitude of other bass instruments entice you to feel the fast, sexy and rolling rhythm of the Samba. The Samba is like a party for your body: the vibrant sound of the music inspires every atom to move, shake and celebrate life.  No matter how you dance it, where you dance it or when you dance it, Samba brings the party! If you want to get the adrenaline flowing, add fun exercise, enjoy health benefits and just have more fun and enjoyment out of your life, learn how to Samba!

SAMBA D.G. Header.png


Widely known as the dance of Brazil, the Samba dance (and music of the same name) has its early roots as a fusion of African, Portuguese and South American dance as far back as the 1800's. In the early 1900's, what we know as the Samba today was perfected in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its explosion into popular culture was encouraged by Brazil's Carnival and movie star Carmen Miranda.  Crossing over into the United States, the party-like feel to both Samba music and the dance it inspired became a favorite of dancers in all genres but none as much as the ballroom community.

SWING Header.png


This hit dance generated probably one of the biggest dance movements the world has ever seen. Created back in the 20's and 40's with artists like Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, swing became popular during the tough times of the Great Depression, WWI and WWII. The genre encompasses a variety of dances including Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, Charleston, West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing; this dance is widely known for its high energy moves and turns. Kids would bounce around, bopping in burger joints or the nearest jukebox, throwing each other in acrobatic aerials wherever there was a band.

TANGO Header.png


Be consumed with passion by the quick and seductive movements of the Tango. Enjoy the drama of the dance as each partner responds to the other's fervor, an intense declaration of love of each other or the Tango itself.  Tango dancers enjoy the strong, fluid beats the music presents, quite like a cat stalking its prey. The cat’s dedicated practice and graceful pursuit of its prey, and the climatic event of catching it in triumph is the perfect visual representation of the Tango partnership. This oxymoron in movement is characterized by long, floor-gliding steps with sharp changes in direction or movement from one step to the other or one phrase to the other. It is this contradiction in slow and quickness that entices dancers to Tango.

VIENNESE Header.png


Feel the gentle swirl of the air as you twirl left, right, left around the dance floor just like you did with your best friend as a child; your focus to get each other to fall to your feet laughing and enjoying the dizzy ride! This is the feeling and the warm memories that dancing the Viennese Waltz inspires.  To say that the Viennese Waltz has a storied history is a gross understatement. In fact, it can be argued that the Viennese Waltz is the grandfather of all couple dancing. The dance itself has not only stood the test of time.

WALTZ Header.png


Confident, graceful, elegant, poised: these terms not only describe a person of distinguished character but that of a dance that has been passed down through centuries.  The Waltz is considered one of the traditional ballroom dances but popular musicians today are returning to the roots of melodic music and incorporating the Waltz's 3/4 timing into their artistic expression. Many slower songs, or ballads, today have this timing and making the Waltz more of a social dance than it has arguably been in quite some time.

WEST COAST Header.png


Gliding triple steps and soft shoe-like footwork combine to demonstrate the epitome of coolness and a sexy flirtation that perfectly connects dance partners. This smooth, sexy-cool style permeates the West Coast Swing—now known as California's adopted dance.  This partner dance breaks from tradition with it's slot-based figures and it's rubber-band look. It is the dance that truly allows partners to improvise while still dancing together, creating an atmosphere of social ease between couples.

ZOUK Header.png


A relatively new dance to hit the scene, the Zouk, has much influence originating in France.  The Afro Cuban music have taken on a new genre slowing down the tempo of traditional raggaeton to create a very sexy couple dance.  Zouk rhythms help to make the body undulate in ways you never thought your body could move.  You’ll be sure to add this to your dance program.