Why Your Self Care Is Unfit For Royalty

Think about your day for a moment...

You wake up, have a morning cup of coffee and get ready for your day. The day consists of work. Errands to run, tasks and chores to do, or actual work you have to get done. You lift your head up for air and by that time, the day is almost over. It's dinner time, you're making dinner, watch a little TV or read and off to bed. you wake up the next day and do it all over again. 

Does this sound like a normal day to you?

So often our care for others is fit for royalty. However the most important care, our self care, isn't. For Cari and I, this is so true. We focus on others in all aspects of our lives. Very rarely do we focus on us. So we did something about it. We did something just for us. I mean focused on just us and nobody else. No dogs or cats, nothing for the studios or work, not even something for the house. Just focused on the two of us. Want to know what we did?

We got a MASSAGE!


We went to a local spa here in our small Morgan Hill town and got a massage. It was much needed and so good. It was one of those, hurts so good type of massages. You see, we're athletes with 2 businesses in a pandemic. And if there's anybody that needs a massage, it's EVERYONE athlete with 2 businesses during a pandemic. The coolest part for me, was not the massage itself (although it was amazing). It was the walk back home afterward. having that moment with Cari, walking in total relaxation. The slowest walk we could ever walk was done that day.

The conversation was great, the feeling was superb and the time together was priceless. Rarely do we get a moment like that to ourselves. All of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Many of us focus so much on everyone else, that we forget to focus on the most important person in the world... OURSELVES. People are great, but do you know who's better than the person on the other end?

YOU! You are the BEST. I am the BEST.

As long as we remember that we are great, everything else will fall into place. You're the best because, only you can do what you can do. Nobody else can do it like you can. If you don't believe me, ask yourself the next time someone bakes a cake or makes your favorite meal you like to make. Ask yourself, the next time someone cleans the kitchen the way you do or organizes like you.

Do they do it better? You'll probably answer yourself no. Just like when someone makes ICE CREAM. I know I make it the best. 😁🍨

And nobody deserves some attention more than you. This is my plea. Take some time to give to yourself, pamper yourself and feed yourself. Give to you the things that you LOVE and fill your cup. Your body, your mind and your spirit will thank you. It will take you further than you ever imagined. It will fill your cup and give you the opportunity to give to others that only you know how to do. And if that devil on the side of your shoulder saying you should feel guilty for not giving to others pops up, shut them up with a nice healthy dose of appreciation and gratitude to yourself for making the right choice.

You'll be glad you did!

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