What You Can Learn from Dirty Dancing

I have a confession. I Netflixed and binged this past weekend. In my efforts of catching up on my latest shows, I came across one that I hadn't really given much thought to. 


It's right up my alley. I love the movies, they're all classics, but one stood out in particular. DIRTY DANCING!

If you haven't seen the movie, then you are missing out an important part of history. It's the classic story of a girl who goes on holiday with her family to the Catskills, carries a watermelon to an underground party, learns to dance as an understudy, falls in love with Patrick Swayze (who doesn't), dances the Mambo, gets put in the corner by her dad, and Dirty Dances in the finale ending with a lift that every wedding couple tries to perform as their first dance forever (whew!)

What you don't know, is what the series tells you of the heartache and drama that went on just to get the movie made.

  • Did you know that the movie was cancelled multiple times?

  • That it was said at a screening to "burn the negative"?

  • That Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze had chemistry, and then didn't get along?

So much and yet it still got made and grossed more than any other movie that summer, breaking box office records on the way. 

I'm always an underdog kind of guy and this movie is the typical underdog story. How many times do we get knocked down, told you can't do it, been passed on, etc. The key here is to take a note from the making of Dirty Dancing. Just imagine for a moment if Dirty Dancing had not been made. We wouldn't have a classic movie to watch, we wouldn't know how to dance the mambo so cool, we wouldn't know to use the line "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" every time someone puts us in a corner, and we wouldn't have an iconic lift to come in hot on and mess up. 

Think about you for a moment. What if there was no YOU?

We wouldn't get to experience the excitement YOU bring, the love that YOU bring, the fun times that YOU bring, the energy that YOU bring or the happiness that YOU bring. Believe it or not, you bring all those things to someone out there. Whether it be your neighbor, your loved ones, your friends or your animal. The only person that can offer what you have to offer is..well... YOU.

So remember this the next time, you get knocked down. Take a note from Chumbawumba (famed musicians) and Get Up Again. They're Never Gonna Keep You Down. And remember Dirty Dancing and all of the memories it has brought us. Keep up the work and...

Never get put in the corner again!


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