Q: Does Life Suck? A: Sometimes, YES!

Can I be honest with you? The past few days Sucked!

Maybe for you, it was a great weekend. Maybe you received the best news of your life and you achieved more than you ever thought you could in two days. Maybe you had an opporuntiy to do more and experience more than you ever have and to that I say CONGRATULATIONS! I'm happy. I can't wait for you to share it with me. For reals!

For me, it was a whirlwind. I'm not talking about recieving bad news or being upset in any abnormal way. I'm talking suck, as in energy. This weekend proved to be a weekend of Energy Sucking. My wife and I have learned over the many years we've been together, that we are energy beings (I guess we all are energy in a way). Energy beings in that we can feel and take on the energy of what's going on in our environment. Some days, we can release the energy better than others. This weekend was not one of those times.

Maybe it's just me, but have you noticed a lull in the energy around you? Last week I referenced the passing of an icon in RBG. Since then, my world has been a bit topsy turvy. My energy is low and tired, my house a mess, my dog not trained, and a blog that is two days overdue. It might seem trivial to you, but I can feel it around me.

In addition, there seems to be more stress in the air. California has more wildfires when we thought we were containing them, the public is divided on a pandemic, a pending election seems to cover every bit of news and a presenter about to give an interview to a mastermind group I belong to fainted before she could even start.


Have you ever had a day like that? Heck, a week, month or year? Here's the learning point.

It's O.K.!

Some weekends, like mine, are just going to suck. In fact, here's some news in case you haven't heard it. Life sucks. Life is also giving and loving and energetic. It's both. It's a constant ebb and flow of sucking energy and giving energy. It needs to be, so that we can appreciate the great times that much more.

Think about it. How can one know heaven, if they don't know hell? How can one know excitement and joy if they haven't experienced lethargy and pain. You can't have yin without yang. It's in the opposite where it exists. Without one, you can not have the other.

When things go wrong, feel bad, when you're upset, we think it's just us. That nobody else has these pains or worries. Here's the second piece of news in case you haven't heard. You're Wrong! Everybody has ups and downs. However, it is sometimes nice to know that someone out there understands. That you are not in it alone and that together, we can all fight through anything and come out on top better. The point is not to gloom in your sorrow, but to learn from it and use it's learning point to be better the next time.

My learning point. To share every part. The up and the down. To let others know they have a friend in pain as well as in pleasure. My biggest takewaway is to know that when the energy around me feels low, to be aware and take notice. Give myself some grace and then thank it for showing itself to me. Then release it so that I may move forward from it with the lessons it has taught.

Thanks life, for sucking. Without you, I wouldn't learn what I need to be better for tomorrow. And without you, I wouldn't be able to taste just how sweet tomorrow is.


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