It's a Dead Man's Party

Over the weekend we celebrated Halloween. It was a unique experience to say the least. One thing was for sure, there were some kids and parents determined to celebrate it the safest way possible. Living in a neighborhood filled with kids, we decided to get creative in celebrating as well.

Out popped a table for the candy to sit at the end of the driveway, individually placed and separated for children to choose wisely (like the holy grail). Safely distanced behind was our backyard furniture and table for the pizza and wine to entertain us adults as the kids walked by. Hand sanitizer was at the ready as well as masks, other neighbors joining in, awaiting for the fun to begin.

The Perfect COVID Halloween setup.

Our house was decorated in Coco fashion and was quite a hit in our neighborhood. In latin cultures we celebrate The Day of The Dead, which focuses on celebrating those that have passed on with a meal to share. It's what the Disney movie Coco is all about. It's a tradition that Cari and I had not really celebrated, but in this day and age, we figure new traditions were in order.

Shopping for the necessary items was a treat. Finding photos of those family members that have passed , sugar skulls, pan de muerto, marigolds and a variety of candles to line the home and altar. The best part of the preparation was the anticipation of what the evening would be like when we actually celebrate the dead. Family gathering, eating a great meal, telling stories and singing songs, remembering the past.

It's the perfect opportunity to count one's blessings. Being grateful for what you have and more importantly the time that you had with those moved on. I couldn't wait to tell stories of my father. How he used to make everyone smile, how he helped them and invited them into our home. Stories of my grandmother whom always had a meal waiting the moment you stepped into her home. Of my Grandfather and uncles that used to tell the best jokes and make us all laugh and cry ( I think I get my humor from that side the family).

Then I wonder, what would life be like if we spent our time counting blessings and focusing on being grateful for what we have? What if we focused on our ancestors and the joy they brought us, the lessons we learned and the impact they had on us? What if we celebrated those moments of excitement and pleasure and less on the pain of today? Who knows?

But I would imagine our world would look a little brighter.

A world like that would be grateful.

Grateful for the time spent on zoom with family and less on the pain of when we get to see them in person again. Grateful of the memories we made and the new ones we get to create. Grateful for the opportunity of creating new traditions that otherwise we would have never thought of. Traditions like celebrating the dead.

A person like that would be tabled as looking at a world with Rose Colored Glasses. Maybe it's better than the ones that keep our world dark. Funny how death, arguably the scariest of thoughts, could be one of the most exciting given the right mindset.

With that said, Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!

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