Why You Must Recharge Your Batteries

It's crazy how things feel like they are busier. Parents are busier trying to find their kids schooling, those working found their positions more needed and work all of sudden doubled, and business owners got #busy being creative with their businesses. You could almost feel the shoulders of the world raise with tension and the need for a massage therapist all of sudden increased in demand (safely of course). Finding something that feeds you (not food wise) is important.

Wouldn't you agree?

For my wife and I, it's retail therapy. We love a good day where we get to shop for hours on end and come out with nothing at all (it's Cari's favorite). But there is one thing that we are suckers for... BOOKS!

We spent the better part of a few hours roaming around @BarnesandNobel a few days ago. It was awesome and bad at the same time. Awesome because we get to pre read some amazing books and search for what motivates us. Bad, because I know I'm coming out with a pretty big bill 😁. As we walked in, we went our separate ways. She heads to the Self Improvement section, I go to the psychology section. We circle around and a few hours later, we reconvene.

"What did you get?", I say. She shows me.

"What about you?", she says. And I show her.

I've got 5 books and she's got 8 or so. We go through each one and talk about the pros and cons of each. Usually for Cari, it's whether or not she already has the same book at home. For me, it's what will I really look forward to reading next. And then we head up to the front and checkout. As we head home excited about our treasures we found, we go by a section near the outlet we frequent. Tesla cars are lined up at the charging stations to recharge their batteries.

And then it hits me like a ton of bricks!


OMG! Every battery runs out of juice eventually. And it when it does, you one of two choices, get a new set of batteries or recharge the ones you have. For humans, the choice is clear. We don't have another body, so we can't get a new one. What's the alternative? RECHARGE.

And in that moment, I felt better about my venture than ever before. I felt recharged and ready to face another week, month, year. The way a gas needs more fuel, the way a Tesla needs to recharge, the way a bear has to hibernate, the way humans must eat, so must we take a moment and recharge.

I case you've forgotten, you're a battery. A battery that uses up juice. And at some point in time you'll need to recharge. This is your reminder to do so.

Now you know what my fuel is. What's yours?

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