Arthur Murray Dance Center
San Jose

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1035 S DE ANZA BLVD #3
SAN JOSE, CA 95129

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There is no other way to describe this little big city than these two words: Silicon Valley. The center of technology, San Jose is a community that has brought seekers of innovation and progression in the computer arts and a multitude of business-related advances. A leader in innovation itself, it was a foregone conclusion that Arthur Murray established itself among the elite of the business world not only on its own merit but in partnership with companies around it.
As a staple of the San Jose community for over 50 years, the Arthur Murray San Jose studio in Cupertino is a welcome constant to the hustle and bustle of everyday Bay Area living. The instructors make every moment in the studio an oasis from the outside world. Their penchant for fun, desire to make every minute count, innovation and professionalism that are the trademark of Arthur Murray Dance Centers for 104 years and counting, is paramount to achieving a stress-free, relaxing atmosphere. Mix in lots of laughter, silliness and teamwork from the instructors enjoying their craft and it's the formula for the ultimate destination to unwind. It's like having a stay-cation with friends, where learning to dance is a bonus that gives continuously to you and those around you – and you don't have to fly anywhere! Unless you're flying around the dance floor while dancing a Viennese Waltz – but that's much more fun than sitting on an airplane for several hours, don't you think?

In addition, Arthur Murray Dance Centers is a leader - if not the leader - in ballroom dancing innovation. Their desire to teach in a fun, quick and easy manor, and teach the relevant dances of today is a direct reflection of the high standards it represents but also a worthy companion in the world-famous computer-arts and business-centered city. To this day and many years in the future, there is no end in sight to the beneficial relationship of the city of San Jose and Arthur Murray Dance Centers.

To be a part of Team Vacation and Innovation, all you need is the desire to give yourself a break for 45 minutes from the daily grind (whether in a cubicle, office, home or shuttling the kids around) and to have fun! Along the way, you will find that learning to dance and stress-free living are only a few benefits that being a part of this team will add to your life.