Dance Classes

San Jose & Los Gatos

We have a dance program for everyone!

Arthur Murray Dance Centers has been teaching the world to dance for 100 years! We specialize in tailor made programs that allow you to learn at your own pace as well as optimizing your learning by using Arthur Murray's proven Method of Teaching including Personal Lessons, Group Classes and Practice Parties.

Personal Dance Lessons

Work one on one with your instructor to help you achieve your goals in dancing. Each lesson specifically helps you improve many aspects of your dancing including technique, styling and general dance knowledge. We also keep everything up to date and record your progress so that you learn at the quickest pace possible.

couple dancing in dance studio

Group Dance Classes

Group dance classes are an integral part of your learning. You gain the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners and learn a variety of patterns in a group setting. Here, we focus on balance and confidence as well as repetition to allow you ample time to understand the material learned.

Couples dancing in a Group dance class

Practice Parties

Parties are held weekly and provide a comfortable environment for you to practice everything you've learned previously. Learn to dance in a real-world setting with all the comfort and help of your Arthur Murray team of instructors.

Couples dancing in a Group dance class

The degree of dancing you will achieve varies depending on your desire, goals, commitment and interest. After your Introductory Program, the dance levels progress into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of whatever social dances you choose.

Although the majority of students who come to Arthur Murray are interested in becoming good social dancers, many also love the competitive side of it all.




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