West Coast Swing Dance Lessons

Gliding triple steps and soft shoe-like footwork combine to demonstrate the epitome of coolness and a sexy flirtation that perfectly connects dance partners. This smooth, sexy-cool style permeates the West Coast Swing - now known as California's adopted dance.

This partner dance breaks from tradition with it's slot-based figures and it's rubber-band look. It is the dance that truly allows partners to improvise while still dancing together, creating an atmosphere of social ease between couples. It's roots stemming from Lindy Hop – a version of Swing dancing – it is the evolution of Swing dancing to eloquently portray the softer versions of swing music found in the likes of Jazz, Blues, and, eventually, Country Western music.

West Coast Swing is also rich in Arthur Murray history. Much of it's evolution is due to Arthur Murray dance directors and instructors as far back as the 1930's, throughout the 50's and 60's and into it's renaming in the 1980's from Western Swing or California Swing to what we know it as today.

Freedom of expression, ease of movement, exercise, social ease and just having more fun are only a few of the ways that someone who learns to dance the West Coast Swing can benefit their life. So if you want to be cool, calm, collected and seen as a fun dancer, the West Coast Swing is the dance for you!




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