Waltz Dance Lessons

Confident, graceful, elegant, poised: these terms not only describe a person of distinguished character but that of a dance that has been passed down through centuries – the Waltz.

Dancers of the Waltz are easy to acknowlege – they seem to glide across the floor as if it were a sheet of ice. The beauty of the Waltz comes from the flow of the controlled, but rhythmic music and a style of body movement that rises and falls to that of the melody. It is termed, appropriately, Rise and Fall – and is essential in latter stages of the dance.

The Waltz has taken many forms in it's over 400 year history and has been a popular dance throughout the world. The most notable version of the Waltz today is slow and deliberate, allowing the beginning and advanced dancer the opportunity to confidently manuever the social dance floor and enjoy the company of their partner and the music at the same time.

The Waltz is considered one of the traditional ballroom dances but popular musicians today are returning to the roots of melodic music and incorporating the Waltz's 3/4 timing into their artistic expression. Many slower songs, or ballads, today have this timing and making the Waltz more of a social dance than it has arguable been in quite some time.

For those who want to build confidence, trust, grace, poise and become an elegant dancer, the Waltz is a necessity in their repertoire.




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