Viennese Waltz Dance Lessons

Feel the gentle swirl of the air as you twirl left, right, left around the dance floor just like you did with your best friend as a child; your focus to get each other to fall to your feet laughing and enjoying the dizzy ride! This is the feeling and the warm memories that dancing the Viennese Waltz inspires.

To say that the Viennese Waltz has a storied history is a gross understatement. In fact, it can be argued that the Viennese Waltz is the grandfather of all couple dancing. The dance itself has not only stood the test of time but has seen evolution within itself: from its original quickness, the gentle disposition of the slow Waltz and the down home feel of the Country Western Waltz.

The transcendence of the Viennese Waltz throughout popular culture over the years has proven it's staying power, and musicians throughout time have obliged. Today, artists like David Cook, Seal and Bryan Adams have kept the genre active with their ballads, whether they knew it or not. And Viennese Waltz purists welcome the slightly slower speed.

Though it is one of the more challenging dances, the benefits outweigh any of it's intricate footwork and constantly turning patterns. Viennese Waltz is a dance that inspires nostalgia, anyone who wants to develop grace, poise, and confidence (and who isn't afraid of a little exercise) should learn this beautiful dance. If you're ready to learn how to dance, the Viennese Waltz is ready for you!




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