Tango Dance Lessons

Be consumed with passion by the quick and seductive movements of the Tango. Enjoy the drama of the dance as each partner responds to the other's fervor, an intense declaration of love of each other or the Tango itself.

Tango dancers enjoy the strong, fluid beats Tango music presents, quite like a large cat stalking it's prey. The cats dedicated practice and graceful pursuit of it's prey, and the climatic event of catching it in triumph is the perfect visual representation of the Tango partnership. This oxymoron in movement is characterized by long, floor-gliding steps with sharp changes in direction or movement from one step to the other or one phrase to the other. It is this contradiction in slow and quickness that entices dancers to Tango.

Historically, American Tango is derived from it's grandparent, the Argentine Tango. Having crossed seas to Europe and North America in the early 1900's and 1910's, the dance was made into a more social adaptable form by expert dancers in both regions. Subsequently, two new forms of Tango materialized: International by the French and English, and then American style by the Castles and Arthur Murray of the United States. The American style is the chosen form of social Tango today because it allows the dancer freedom of expression in multiple dance positions, more underarm turns, allows for choreography and the music easily dictates tempo for the beginning and advanced dancer.

If you are looking to add passion to your life, Tango is the dance for you. Don't wait to learn this dance! Make the decision today and catch the dance of a lifetime before it runs away!




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