Samba Dance Lessons

Find yourself in a perpetual body roll as the drums, trombones, trumpets and multitude of other bass instruments entice you to feel the fast, sexy and rolling rhythm of the Samba. The Samba is like a party for your body: the vibrant sound of the music inspires every atom to move, shake and celebrate life.

Widely known as the dance of Brazil, the Samba dance (and music of the same name) has it's early roots as a fusion of African, Portuguese and South American dance as far back as the 1800's. In the early 1900's, what we know as the Samba today was perfected in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's explosion in popular culture encouraged by Brazil's Carnival and movie star Carmen Miranda in her movies.

Crossing over into the United States, the party-like feel to both Samba music and the dance it inspired became a favorite of dancers in all genres but none as much as the ballroom community. It quickly became a favorite social dance and was adopted as one of the premiere dances for ballroom competitions, undergoing minor improvements to add to its social ease and intricacies for competitive floor.

No matter how you dance it, where you dance it or when you dance it, Samba brings the party! If you want to get the adrenaline flowing, add fun exercise, enjoy health benefits and just have more fun and enjoyment out of your life, learn how to Samba!




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