Rumba Dance Lessons

Let your body relax into a rhythm that entices her to move seductively and him to uncharacteristically show his emotion, their bodies climaxing in a sexy cadence of romance. Musicians and ballroom dancers alike call this melodic action the Rumba.

Rumba has been internationally known as the dance of love – not to be confused with it's cousin of the same description, the Bolero. The Rumba is said to be the tamer version of Bolero, a little quicker in beat and more uniform in pattern and style. It's stronger baseline to Bolero's overwhelming melody invokes a flirtation between partners and an excitement of what lies ahead.

The history of the Rumba is vastly argued by enthusiasts and experts alike but two descriptions transcend both parties as fact: it has been a musical expression of the musicians emotions and culminated in the dancers expression of the same at all points in it's history. However, the most widely accepted roots of the Rumba come from Africa and Cuba – a direct reflection of the two cultures obsession with fun and romance.

For social dancers, the Rumba can be danced to slow songs in multiple genres, including latin, contemporary, pop, country, rock and roll, R&B, and even hip hop.

For those who want to express themselves, improve self-esteem, slow dance with their partner and never again say no to a dance invitation, learning how to Rumba is essential to this social ease.




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