Merengue Dance Lessons

Energetic, frenzied strums of a guitar-baseline inspire the dancer to march their feet, move their hips and bring their partner into their arms with an abandonment of care. You are dancing the Merengue, a dance that inspires freedom and fun in social dancing!

Inspiration behind today's Merengue is rooted in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the early to mid 1800's. The simple marching dance was a perfect method of expression for the youth and elders of both cultures and matches traditional music perfectly. In the early 1900's, a migration of citizens from the Dominican Republic brought the music and it's dance to the East Coast, most notably that of New York City.

It became most popular in the 1960's, as the original Dominican Republic migrants felt the desire to connect their roots with their new American culture, fusing them together. The new sound was also adopted by Cuban and Puerto Rican populations, adding their own signature to the frenetic sound.

Today, Merengue is considered the easiest dance to learn and express yourself. Though it has it's own styling like any other couple dance, the basic is as simple as marching to the beat. Turns and twisting of the bodies dancing together, the ease of footwork and the excited rhythm of the music makes Merengue a very popular dance in both popular nightclubs and latin clubs. It has transcended it's history of cultural dance and become widely accepted as the dance that you can dance to just about any faster music today.

If you want to get on the floor quickly, add fun to your life, increase your self confidence, meet people, make new friends and a wealth of other social benefits, the Merengue is the perfect dance to get you started!




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