Hustle Dance Lessons

Adrenaline rushes through your body as you challenge the quick beat to a race of turns, spins, intricate footwork and vibrant expressions. You are dancing the Hustle; it's vivaciousness addicting and it's quickness confrontational. In short, it's so much fun!

The Hustle has the distinction of being the dance of the 1970's. It began as several versions of line dances in notable discoteches in New York in direct relation to the new mellow but vibrant rhythms that musicians started to produce as a contradiction to that of the 1960's. The most widely accepted as the proponants of this new dance was that of Puerto Ricans in South Bronx. But it's popularity as a couple dance grew exponentially with the release of the movie – you guessed it – Saturday Night Fever.

While it's true that it was born in 1972, The Hustle has proven to be more than just a fad dance of a decade. It has transcended it's roots to be one of the most socially acceptable couple dances of nightclubs around the world and has more than one form to filter to multiple genres of faster music – including pop, electronica, disco and contemporary. With it's simplicity of steps to the quick rhythm, it's become a favorite of beginners and advanced dancers alike.

Whether you are going to a wedding, a social event or hanging out with your friends, you'll find yourself doing the Hustle to most of the quicker music the DJ or band is playing. If you want to be on the dance floor all night long enjoying life, improving your social skills and just having fun in general, then Hustle is the dance for you!




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