Foxtrot Dance Lessons

Originated by the vaudeville comedian Harry Fox in 1913, the Fox Trot is a dance that depicts the fun “Happy-Go-Lucky” feeling created in the comedic scenes during the days of vaudeville. This dance is one of the social of all dances due to it’s ease of movement and ability to have a conversation while dancing. It really hit its hay day during the rat pack era where crooners like Frank Sinatra & Bobby Darin hit the scene. Their infectious vocals and songs about love and life created such a feeling and gathering that one could only experience it live and in person.

Today, Fox Trot is no longer a dance your parents used to do. In fact, 60% of the music you generally hear at Weddings, Cruises, Social Night Clubs, Events & Parties are usually Fox Trot’s. So if you want to be social with your dancing as well as with your dance partner, then learn to dance the Fox Trot and dance your way to a fun time.

If you want to learn the Fox Trot or any other dance, visit an Arthur Murray Dance Center of Silicon Valley. We can get you dancing before you can say Frank Sinatra. Call Today! Dance Tonight!




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