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Country Waltz

Hold your partner in your arms as the twangy sounds of the slow fiddle, gentle guitar strums and light drumming lull your partner into romance around the dance floor. The rhythmic three-step inspired tempo is a perfect way to express affection while enjoying the music itself.

The favorite slow dance of the country western music community, the Country Western Waltz is not exactly the slowest of slow dances. It has an admittedly uptempo beat but the melodic sound of the fiddle (or like instrument) smooths out the quick beat, giving it a slightly brighter sound than that of Ballroom's Waltz.

The Country Western Waltz is the western communities addition to social dancing – modifying traditional waltz to move more progressively and more simply around the floor to their own version of Waltz' 3/4 beat. It originated in the early 1800's as the music of the western country began to find it's identity. It stayed a staple but didn't become widely popular until the modern era when a little country flick, Urban Cowboy, brought it to the media's attention. As one of the favorite dances from the movie, the Country Western Waltz grew exponentially in dance clubs along with it's cousin The Two Step, and other country dances – just about closing all Disco clubs.

If you enjoy country music or are a Waltz enthusiast, the Country Western Waltz is a great dance to add to your repertoire. It builds confidence on and off the dance floor; is fun to dance because it is progressive and has the same types of turns and tricks as the Two-Step; and is a great slow dance to inspire romance with your partner.

Country Western Two-Step

The sounds of a fiddler challenging himself or herself to play faster and faster encourages an upbeat, spirited dancer to try and keep up with the joyous plucks of the fiddle and other string instruments. The music is full of life and gives an exuberant experience to the country western dancer, who is at this moment dancing the Two- Step!

The Two-Step has many forms and names throughout the United States but they all have one goal in common: to celebrate the music and to have as much fun as possible! This is achieved through an easy, smooth but bouncy four-step pattern with slow and quick beats, and a multitude of turns, twists, tunnel and pretzel-like patterns at the same time you and your partner travel around the floor progressively.

The Two-Step is a fairly young dance and truly inspired by American heritage. Originally a version of the Waltz adopted in the mid-1840's, The Two-Step gained popularity as music in the western parts of the U.S. changed to better suit it and people began to have more and more of the "barn dances" and impromtu "jiggs" that was becoming a staple of entertainment-seeking cowboys and ranchers. Today, the most popular and notable version of the Two-Step was perfected in Texas in the early 1900's and spread like wildfire to country western music-loving communities throughout the country.

The Two-Step is a dance that will encourage a festive mood, health benefits, social ease, fun and enjoyment out of life, increase self-confidence and is the perfect accompaniment to lovers of country-western music.




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