Bolero Dance Lessons

Feel swept away in romance when you dance to the seductive sounds of Bolero! Known for over a century as the "Dance of Love," Bolero's smooth rhythm, sensual movements & Rumba-inspired patterns make this dance a favorite of many. It marries the best of both worlds in ballroom dancing: the grace and poise of Smooth dancing's rise and fall styling and the Rhythm dancing's flirtatious character. This combination is both inspiring and irresistible, and invokes an innocent sensuality in everyone who dances it.

The Bolero's roots are steeped in tradition and culture from Spain to Cuba, Mexico and Latin America to the United States. Its origin is traced back to the 1780's and Spanish dancer Sebastiano Carezo - though it is said that the Bolero of Cuba was not inspired by the Bolero of Spain; instead it derived from the genius of late 19 th century Cuban musician Pepe Sanchez.

No matter what you believe, believe this: the Bolero has stood the test of time and once exposed to the deliberate sexuality of its music, you will be seduced - and love every minute of it!




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