Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

Desire. Crave. Lust. Seduce. You will be consumed by the true meaning of these words in the arms of a man or woman who knows the Argentine Tango. Every cell of your body will hunger for the passion this dance commands and arguably defines. All sense of self will be lost in another, and you will love every minute of it.

The grandparent of the American Tango, Argentine Tango is widely considered the original form of the Tango. Though Argentine Tango enthusiasts and historians alike conclude the specific birth of Tango is speculative at best, the influences for the dance is rich in history. Stemming from immigrants ranging from Europe, Africa and Asia, the conglomeration of these cultures in the mid-1800's seems to have originated in Argentina, where their music was shared and consolidated as they commiserated in the barrios of Buenos Aires. The mixing of cultures in these lower income status areas created a raw and passionate form of expression that was lost on higher society but defined the lower. However, outsiders were seduced by the emotional dance and it crossed the Atlantic, finding a home unsurprisingly in Europe's leading city of romance, Paris. Parisian culture did it's due diligence and sparked a popularizing of the dance, breaking the barriers of status culture. The rest they say is history.

Today's form of Argentine Tango is both an homage to it's storied past and a celebration of musical evolution. To some, it is a return to the dirty streets and ports of long ago Argentina, when men awaited lusting for the ladies of the night, or the depressed lower class found aspiration from their despair if only for a moment in the music and movements of a dance that celebrated the basic need of humans to be wanted, wished for, yearned for and coveted. The basic, most descriptive action of Argentine Tango is that of each partner feeling plainly the change of another's body in even the slightest of movements, and the subsequent embellishments that a partner can use to respond.

Argentine Tango is thus the dance to be in tune to yourself and your partner exquisitely, expressing your inner most desires, perfecting the art of flirtation and enjoying the warmth of another. You will stand out on the dance floor, be seen as graceful and poised as well as passionate, and you will have a confidence that transcends the ballroom floor. If this sounds like the person you envision for yourself or a future partner, then let the seduction begin!




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