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Arthur Murray dancing multi-tool

You never know when you’ll ever really need a Swiss Army knife. But for some reason, they are top sellers at outdoors retail centers across the country. Why is that?  Maybe people realize that when in a bind, they know they can count on having a tool that can fix almost any problem. Whether it’s a knife, a Phillips head screwdriver, tweezers, nail file or that one time you bought some wine and there wasn’t a wine opener to be found. Poof!  Corkscrew for just the occasion. Nonetheless, you’re glad you made the purchase a while ago.

Learning to dance can be a similar tool in ways. You never know when you’d use it, but you sure wish you did when the moment arises. We hear it all the time. Customers always recount the time they went to dinner and there was a band playing. They see everyone get up to dance and they feel too insecure to join in. They’re at a wedding and the DJ gets everyone moving. There are only two moves in that dusty toolbox called dance and the QTip or lawnmower are moves that aren’t as hip as you thought. They went to a reunion and they latched onto the bar with an incredibly strong octopus-like hold.

Whether its the expected places to dance like a club and cruise or the unexpected like in the streets of Barcelona or walking home from a fabulous dinner and you hear music playing from a bar across the street. Ballroom Dancing is the Swiss Army Knife you wish you had.

The great thing is, you don’t have to wait any longer and wish you had learned it. Your wish is granted. All it takes a phone call or invitation to join a dance club near you. Is it scary?  You bet it is!  Learning to dance is as scary as you want to make it. But the process and the environment of the studio, are where all worries disappear. The staff is personable, fun and they make you feel less clumsy than you think you are. The environment is drowning with great music which makes it hard for you to think about your stressful workday or better yet kids. And the community couldn’t be friendlier in helping you through the process every dance step (literally) along the way.

There’s only one problem. You!  If you’re nervous about taking the leap, I urge you not to be. It’s as fun an adventure as you could ever have. If you’re waiting for an invitation, then consider this yours. Just call any Arthur Murray Dance Center and ask them for when they have an open house to give it a try. There’s always something going on and you’ll be glad you finally made the decision to make a dream come true. If you have more excuses, feel free to enter them in the excuse generator aka the comment box at the bottom of this page. I’ll be happy to fill it up so you have none left.

Before you know it, you’ll be the one with the tool that will take advantage of every dance situation, making memories that will last you a lifetime. Just like every Swiss Army knife owner, you’ll be glad you made the purchase when you did.

Want to give dancing a try?  Call Arthur Murray San Jose or Los Gatos and find out about the next Guest Open House.  It's the perfect chance to try it out for free. 

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Juan de Dios is the owner of 2 Arthur Murray Dance Centers in Northern California. He spends his time training his staff and consulting for Arthur Murray Dance Centers globally. His hobbies include making gourmet ice cream and taking long walks on the beach with his wife Cari and dog Julio.