The Magic of an Event

Getting ready for Disneyland is one of the most exciting trips anyone can take.  It's already the most magical place on earth, but going as an adult is even more rewarding.  I always feel like the... Read More


Congratulations participant! By signing up for National Dance Day, you are already ahead of the curve. Most people will only spectate in the dance of life. But not you! You are participating.... Read More

Northern California Showcase...Not your ordinary event

A runner has the marathon. A tennis player, Wimbledon. Golfers have the masters. Track and field, the Olympics. American sports have the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup. And soccer has the World Cup. No... Read More

Top 10 Dance Movies of All Time

They say that going to the movies is a perfect way to get away from the world. The snacks you only eat while you're at the movies, the chair and smell of the theatre. And as the lights dim to begin... Read More

Lotto Fever

Yesterday was a day like any other. Woke up, walked my dog Julio. Drank my coffee from my cool new Christmas coffee press. Went to work and had a great day teaching and training at the studios. Came... Read More

A Note of Thanks

With the Thanksgiving Holiday upon us, Cari and I find ourselves thinking more about all the great things that are going on in our lives and give thanks for all that we have. For example, we're... Read More

Events That Can Be Enhanced With a Dance Floor

Dancing is a standard practice at many different kinds of special events and parties. Weddings in particular put a spotlight on dancing, with the guests watching the bride and groom’s first dance.... Read More