Taking Notes That Make Sense

I was the worst student.  Worst in the way that, if you were my instructor, I would be the reason you pulled your hair out at night.  I remember one time, I was finishing up my beginner group class... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Solo

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The 4 Stages of Learning Every Student Should Know

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Top 3 Things Every Dancer Should Know

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First Time at Arthur Murray? Then You'll Want to Read This!

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I recently went to the dentist with my wife who had to have a root canal performed. Not fun at all. I sat next to her in support, holding her hand. Giving what comfort I could for this difficult... Read More


Congratulations participant! By signing up for National Dance Day, you are already ahead of the curve. Most people will only spectate in the dance of life. But not you! You are participating.... Read More


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How to Get Your Man to Dance at Your Wedding

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5 THINGS to know before you begin Wedding Dance Lessons

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