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I recently went to the dentist with my wife who had to have a root canal performed. Not fun at all. I sat next to her in support, holding her hand. Giving what comfort I could for this difficult process. She puts her headphones on, listens to a meditation and yada, yada, yada, an hour later she's done. Going to the dentist could be easy for some and a nightmare for others. Such is the case between my wife and I. I don't mind the dentist at all. I have some slight discomfort and my food tastes weird for the first 4 hours. But other than that, overall good experiences. My wife on the other hand, does not like the dentist at all. She could live without ever having to go. But she enjoys having healthy teeth more and as a result forces herself through the pain.

Funny how given any scenario, there's always two sides. Maybe it all has to do with a past experience. In the case of the dentist, my wife had bad dental experiences growing up. Whereas for me, not so much. The same goes for taking dance lessons. I remember awhile back, we had a student walk into the studio for the first time with his wife. I asked "Are you ready for your dance lesson". To which he replied "I'd rather be having a colonoscopy". A colonoscopy!  Really?  It reminded me of that simple truth.  There are always two sides, even when it comes to dance lessons. There is no boundary. To this man, learning to dance was just as painful.


Just like the chances that someone in your group will like the Aussie wonder, vegemite. There's always one. There's always that one individual that would rather have a colonoscopy than take dance lessons. Maybe there's a bad memory tied to taking lessons or even dance itself. Maybe it was a bad prom date or dance night. In either case, if that's you, I'd like you to reconsider. So I came up with these Top 5 Reasons of why you should maybe rethink your hypothesis.

  1. YOUR LIFE ON DANCE.  Remember the old commercials where the guy takes an egg and says "This is your brain". Then takes the skillet and says "This is a drug". Then he cooks an egg on a skillet and says "this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"  I tend to think the same with dance. Your life as you know it is whatever you think. But consider the alternative. Think of how much better it will be if you just learned to Dance. Your social life, increased. Your nights at home decreased. The fun you think you have, doubled. Nay!  Tripled. The past memories you cling onto, forgotten. Because you're creating new ones each week. It's the healthy addiction that has every doctor recommending you visit your local studio for more. This is your life. Now this is your life on Dance. Any questions?
  2. NO MORE EXCUSES.  I always make a New Years resolution to eat healthy. And to my dismay, it only lasts a month. I usually make the excuse, I never have enough time or I don't have the tools to cook the meals. Whatever the excuse may be, I could find it. There are many excuses of why you think you shouldn't learn to dance, but there are so many reasons why you should. If you have a partner, they won't hesitate to tell you that you being a good dancer would be much more fun than just you. If you don't think so, just read this part to them and notice their reaction. Much like my New Years resolution, you'll be healthier, happier and so will that partner of yours. You do have the time, you just need to schedule it. You do have the tools, you just need to find them when you learn.  Just muster up some courage, make the call and the rest will be history. Excuses no more!
  3. BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE. Ever have that dream, where you are in the middle of class and the teacher calls on you to answer a question you don't have the answer to?  Then when you stand up, everyone is laughing because you're in your underwear. That's one of the biggest fears people have when they dance. Not the underwear part. But the part of being made a fool of in front of everyone. The main reason is because it's a skill you have no clue about. The best remedy is in fact that which you don't want to do, DANCE. I have to admit, there's always going to be that initial pain when you first walk in (everyone has it), but the more frequent you do it, the quicker it goes away. If you're still not sure, try it once. I know what will happen. The people at the studio will make you feel welcome, you won't feel so stupid and you'll see others going through the same thing (safety in numbers). Your confidence will increase and before you know it, that pain is now a tool used to overcome a fear that stopped you in your tracks years ago.
  4. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Pt 1.  Every night out has the same elements. Watch every Hangover movie or even better, Night Out at the Roxbury. It's always the same. Friends get together and they go out for an all nighter. But there's always a club scene. What if the club scene was you sitting at the bar drinking a beer. You may like that, but you'd never have the epic dance scene experience. DJ dropping the beat, catching someone's eye across the room, dancing all night, laughing, fun, foam, you name it. None of that happens with you sitting on the side lines. What a tragedy, because you were uncomfortable for a short period of time.
  5. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Pt 2.  Dinner and a movie is so the year 2000. Chivalry is making a comeback and you have the opportunity to be a part of it early. Most restaurants offer a piano bar, a jazz band, some sort of mood setting scene. It's there for a reason, to make your night the total package. Why not take advantage of it. During dinner, sweep your partner off their feet, literally, with a dance around the dance floor. You'd be getting your money's worth by taking advantage of every service available at the restaurant (a great reason for a logical partner). And you'd make a memorable night every time you do it.

LAST THING.  You've read a great list of why you should take up a great hobby. More importantly, it leaves no excuses anymore. But in the end, it's all about you. If you're not ready, you're not ready. But I'll leave you with one last thing.  As long as you have the desire to make a change, make something better, have more fun, there's always going to be a dance studio nearby that can give it to you. What's the worst that can happen. You'll be smiling more, laughing more, enjoying life. All because you overcame the slight discomfort of picking up a phone and making a call. Welcome to the club.


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