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Posted On 05/02/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Congratulations Dance O Ramans.  You have now officially entered the week of Dance O Rama. This week is one of the most exciting because there's so much going through your brain.  Like scheduling lessons to go through your routines one last time, and trips to the store to get the hairspray you need so badly.  Don't forget packing.  Packing early leads to overpacking and that can be fun.  Overall, this week can prove to be a very productive week to preparing for your big event.  So here are some last minute items to remember as you enter your DOR.

  • GET READY-  Surely there are a million things you can take with you on your trip, but in reality most of it you can pick up in the city you are visiting.  Key items to remember to take are:
    • Costumes- Rhythm/Smooth/Theme Night Costume
    • Dance Shoes- Rhythm/Smooth (remember to bring an extra pair of socks)
    • Dinner/Early Activity Wear
    • Formal Outfits
    • Toiletries- Hairspray/Make-Up/Gel/Cologne/
  • BE PROUD- One of the hardest parts for every participant, is to acknowledge where they are.  We are all our own worst critic and there will be many faults that you will see the week of an event.  Remember, all of the hard work that you did to get here.  That's the real gold in every event, so be proud of yourself.  It's the journey, not the event.  The journey was all of the extra lessons, the extra time, heartache, blood, sweat, and tears.  Dance O Rama is the icing on the cake. 
  • HAVE FUN-Once you've taken away the worry of getting ready and the work of remembering to be proud of yourself.  All that's left is, to have fun.  Dance O Rama's are a blast when allowing yourself to be in the moment.  Give yourself permission to have a great time.  You deserve it.  Get into the cheering and the fun, the dancing and the laughter.  Let the event take over and give you the experience of a lifetime.  You'll make new friends and have great memories that you'll be able to take home with you.  At least until the next Dance O Rama happens.  Then you get to do it all over again.

Congratulations once again.  Have a great time.  Here's to a fun and emotional/exciting event.  Who knows, maybe we'll see each other the dance floor, say hi and have a dance or two.  After all, we're family.

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