The Basics of Merengue Dancing

Posted On 11/11/2015 by admin

If you have just enrolled in merengue dance lessons in San Jose at your local dance studio, you may be interested in learning the basics of merengue dancing before your dance class begins. Merengue was influenced by African and Cuban music and dance styles. It is considered the national dance of the Dominican Republic, and has been the dance of choice in that country since the mid-1800s.

If you find a dance studio that offers authentic merengue dance lessons, you’ll quickly discover that it’s one of the easiest dances to learn. Merengue music has a clear beat and a constant rhythm, and the dance steps are simple patterns. The goal of dancing authentic merengue is to feel inspired by the music’s rhythm and your mood, and improvise steps with your partner.

A more modern style of merengue is heavily influenced by ballroom dancing. Ballroom merengue is performed using a series of four or eight count step patterns. It is more formal and less improvisational then authentic merengue, and may be a little more difficult to learn.

Merengue dancers

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