Dancing on Screen: Looking at Swing Dancing in Pop Culture

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From country western dance lessons to traditional wedding dance lessons in San Jose, many different styles are alive and well today. Modern pop culture has also celebrated a variety of dance styles through various on-screen media; these include television programs and commercials, movies, and music videos. Keep reading if you would like to take a look at swing dancing in pop culture.


Today’s mainstream television offers countless types of variety shows, competitions, and reality programs. This has given the general public the opportunity to take a look at many cultures, dynamics, and activities that they might not otherwise be exposed to. Although swing dancing may not be as prominent as it has been in previous decades, these programs allow viewers to experience this dancing style. Swing dancing, among many other types of dancing, may be seen on competition shows like America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Best Dance Crew.

Movies Swing dancing couple

Dance has been a popular aspect of movies since film hit the mainstream. Over the past several decades, there have been countless films centered on dancing, many of which delved into the culture of swing dancing. Popular titles include Swing Time, A Night at the Opera, and the famous Malcolm X. There have also been documentaries like Swing Invasion that offer a detailed, in-depth look at swing dancing. The timeless nature of these movies has enabled them to turn many individuals on to swing dancing years after its origination.

Mainstream Music

The 1990s saw elements of swing music and swing dancing find their way into the mainstream media through ska and punk groups like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rancid. In addition to the swing dancing seen in some of their music videos, large swing dancing circles are still integral elements of their live performances.

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