Spotlight on the Foxtrot

Posted On 06/03/2014 by admin

Legendary vaudeville comedian Harry Fox was the first to dance the Fox Trot in 1913, and dancers around the world have been emulating him ever since. This fast-paced dance is light, fun, and full of energy. With simple steps and a social feel, almost anyone can learn to do the Fox Trot after just a few dance classes in San Jose.

About 60 percent of the songs played at major social events like weddings, cruises, and event night clubs can work with the fox trot, which is why you should sign up for dance lessons to start learning the steps and working on your technique. When you can dance the Fox Trot, you can dance to almost anything.

Turn to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in San Jose to learn how to do the Fox Trot and other ballroom dances. Our instructors make it easy and fun to learn these new moves and help you feel confident in your ability to dance.

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