Choosing the Perfect Dance Class Ensemble

Posted On 10/21/2014 by admin

You are ready to head to your very first dance class. But what will you wear? Choosing the right ensemble is important for feeling and looking good during your dance lessons. Certain garments might look good but be restricting, leaving you unable to move as freely as you should as you learn. Other garments might let you move but not look very good, making you feel shy during your dance lesson. Finding the perfect balance is key for finding your dance wardrobe!

dance class dress that looks like flowerLeggings and jazz pants are very popular options because they are comfortable, attractive, and let dancers move freely. Leotards and sports tops provide the same qualities, letting dancers feel and look good during practice. You can stick to classic black clothing or show off some of your fun side by choosing brighter and bolder colors.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, you can always ask your dance instructor for advice! Find a fabulous San Jose dance studio that helps you feel comfortable and confident in your movements.

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