3 Tips Every Follower Should Know

Learning to follow, is just as important an art as learning to lead. It's always been said that behind every great man is a great woman. And although the man is the head of the household, the woman... Read More

3 tips every leader should know

Every morning my wife, Cari, and I take our dog, Julio Iglesias, for a walk.  (Yes, that's his real name).  We hold hands, chat about the previous day, and about the day ahead.  From time to time, we... Read More

Taking Notes That Make Sense

I was the worst student.  Worst in the way that, if you were my instructor, I would be the reason you pulled your hair out at night.  I remember one time, I was finishing up my beginner group class... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Solo

I've always enjoyed watching dance movies.  Some of my favorite scenes are where the main character loses themselves in a solo dance.  Whether it be Gene Kelly and his solo act in Singing In The... Read More


An evening out with my wife is always entertaining. We have a great time, but half the fun is figuring out what to wear. She usually goes through a plethora of outfits until she finds one she feels... Read More

What to Look for at Your First Group Class

I dropped my nieces off to school the other day. What a sight. I hadn't been to an elementary school in a long time. Driving in on one side to drop off and come in on the other side to pick up. There... Read More


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The 4 Stages of Learning Every Student Should Know

I played soccer for the majority of my life. I like to think I was quite good at it.  I remember watching the World Cup on TV where I saw a player do a bicycle kick.  Probably one of the coolest... Read More

Welcome to Arthur Murray

Imagine you're sitting at home going through your normal routine.  You wake up early, grab a quick bite and head to work (usually in traffic).  You work your tail off until it's time to head home... Read More

What Your Teachers Do Before Work

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