The holidays are here and traffic is crazy. The malls are stuffed with seas of people trying to get the latest toy or gadget. Parking spaces are limited and it all leads to one thing. Stress. This... Read More

3 Tips Every Follower Should Know

Learning to follow, is just as important an art as learning to lead. It's always been said that behind every great man is a great woman. And although the man is the head of the household, the woman... Read More

3 tips every leader should know

Every morning my wife, Cari, and I take our dog, Julio Iglesias, for a walk.  (Yes, that's his real name).  We hold hands, chat about the previous day, and about the day ahead.  From time to time, we... Read More

Taking Notes That Make Sense

I was the worst student.  Worst in the way that, if you were my instructor, I would be the reason you pulled your hair out at night.  I remember one time, I was finishing up my beginner group class... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Solo

I've always enjoyed watching dance movies.  Some of my favorite scenes are where the main character loses themselves in a solo dance.  Whether it be Gene Kelly and his solo act in Singing In The... Read More


An evening out with my wife is always entertaining. We have a great time, but half the fun is figuring out what to wear. She usually goes through a plethora of outfits until she finds one she feels... Read More

What to Look for at Your First Group Class

I dropped my nieces off to school the other day. What a sight. I hadn't been to an elementary school in a long time. Driving in on one side to drop off and come in on the other side to pick up. There... Read More


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The 4 Stages of Learning Every Student Should Know

I played soccer for the majority of my life. I like to think I was quite good at it.  I remember watching the World Cup on TV where I saw a player do a bicycle kick.  Probably one of the coolest... Read More

Welcome to Arthur Murray

Imagine you're sitting at home going through your normal routine.  You wake up early, grab a quick bite and head to work (usually in traffic).  You work your tail off until it's time to head home... Read More