Learn to Do the Hustle!

Posted On 04/22/2014 by admin

The Hustle is a fast-paced dance that offers plenty of opportunities to have a great time with your dance partner. Because this dance requires a lot of detailed footwork, taking dance classes in San Jose is the best way to learn how to do the Hustle. Your dance instructor can take you through the steps of this dance and show you how to master it.

the hustle disco ball

After the release of Saturday Night Fever, the Hustle became one of the most popular couple dances of the 1970s. It is still widely seen in nightclubs and dance competitions throughout the world. This dancing style is still popular today, largely because of its fast-paced music and lighthearted feeling. Find a partner and sign up for dance classes so you can do the Hustle.

It is almost impossible not to smile as you move through the steps of the Hustle. Whether you are planning to attend a wedding or just want to wow at your next company party, this dance is versatile enough for a variety of events.

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