How to Prepare for Dance O Rama  Part 4 of 4

Posted On 04/24/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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So far, so good!  Practice over these past weeks has been going great and you've done a great job by hitting each point from the previous weeks' tips.  With Dance O Rama around the corner, here are some tips to get you to the finish line.

  • MAKE MISTAKES- The best time to make mistakes is now.  Everyone makes mistakes, so you're in good company.  It's how we recover from those mistakes , that makes us good dancers.  Practice without stopping and try to get through the whole dance.  If you get frustrated, move on.  Don't try to fix it.  Your mind will only hit the wall harder and you'll get more frustrated.  It will feel better the next day.  So don't worry.
  • DISTRACTION TRAINING- Every plan is made to be broken.  That means, your Waltz routine that starts in the corner, may not start there.  Try your routines in different parts of the rooms and during a busy time in the studio.  Remember, there will be many other couples on the floor at the same time, so practicing with obstacles will prove to be useful.  The floors typically get smaller for some reason, so try only using half the floor.
  • GO EASY ON YOURSELF- The week before an event is like the night before you leave on vacation.  Stress is high and you're worried you might forget something important so you get less sleep.  Because of this, be sure to let yourself off the hook.  If you forgot to close your feet at the end of promenade, or to keep your head up at the end of that turn.  Don't worry.  Your body will do what it needs to do at the time of the event.  It's not the end of the world.  And NO, we didn't all see that your toe wasn't pointed.  Since everyone's in the same boat, you'll be in good company.

Overall, enjoy this process.  Remember what you did to get here.  All of the extra lessons, practices and trips to the tanning salon.  You've done more in four weeks than most people do in a year.  It's an accomplishment within itself.  Be proud of yourself and excited about what's to come.  Because there's a team of people who are already proud.  Just look around.  They're the ones smiling.


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