How to Prepare for Dance O Rama  Part 3 of 4

Posted On 04/16/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Great job!  You've been practicing style, timing, and smiling.  We've already started to practice different elements like smiling and practicing.  Now with 2 weeks away, let's take the next step in this evolution of Dance O Rama preparedness.

  • POSTURE-  Across a sea of people, posture will be the first to stand out.  Stand up straight, pull your center in and keep your shoulders back.  Your focus should be up and out to the audience.   Try not to look at the ground or above the audience, as dancing is a personal sport.  Part of the fun is connecting with your audience.  This may bring you out of your comfort zone, but then again, that's what Dancing is all about.
  • CHARACTER & PERSONALITY- Now that your choreography is done and styling is complete, it's time to let your soul shine.  Take this opportunity to allow your personality to show up in the dance.  Have fun with it.  If you feel a move that makes you go ooh, show it in your face and body.  In addition, that smile we've told you about, that's a part of your personality.  It's the biggest accessory to your dancing.  So let everyone know how much fun you're having.
  • COMPLETING YOUR LOOK- Dance O Ramas, like a stage in theatre, have a lot of lighting in the ballroom.  It's always good to have some color so you don't get washed out.  Take this week to find what will work for you.  Visit a spray tanner, try out Sunless tanners or a body bronzer.  You don't have to go overboard, but a  little tan can go a long way.  Men, should use an easy cover up or face powder.  This helps diminish the shine and will make your photos look more memorable.  Get your nail and hair appointments scheduled.  This is a great week to try a hairstyle that will work for the dance floor.  Pro tip: use a hard holding hair spray or gel to keep hair away from the face.

Take these 3 tips and have a great practice week.  If you need any help, ask your teacher.  They've been through this many times before and can add a lot at a local level.  We will see you next week when we focus on what to do with only 1 week away from your event.

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