How to Prepare for Dance O Rama  Part 2 of 4

Posted On 04/10/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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The Dance O Rama preparation has already gone underway.  We've already started to practice different elements like smiling and practicing.  Now with 3 weeks away, let's take the next step in this evolution of Dance O Rama preparedness.

  • STYLIZATION.  Take this week's opportunity to focus on arm styling.  Confirm where your arms go, and at what point in the music.  If you're not sure, here are two options.   Out or In.  Send it out for patterns like crossover, open breaks, and explosions.  Bring it in for turns and solo work.  Ask your teacher about these little details so that you have enough time to work on it with weeks away.  Once you know what you're supposed to do, you can practice it like crazy to ensure it becomes a part of muscle memory.
  • TIMING.  Next, work on getting the timing down for every dance.  Timing can be two fold.  One: learning what the timing is for your routines.  Two: making sure your body and feet are showcasing the timing.  Hint: during a slow, hold the feet longer to the floor.  During an even dance like Waltz, allow the feet and legs to move evenly from step to step.
  • SMILE.  We mentioned smiling as one of our main points to practice last week.  We have to say it again this week for two reasons.  One, because as you learn new elements, it's the facial expressions that are the first to go.  Two, because it's that important.  As we said last week, the judges love someone that smiles.  It makes your Rumba walk that you worked so hard on, look way better (believe it or not).

Work on these three tips to help you out for week 2.  Stylize, get your Timing down and Smile more, and we will see you next week when we focus on what to do with only 2 weeks away from your event.

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