How to Prepare for Dance O Rama  Part 1 of 4

Posted On 04/03/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Congratulations!  You've decided to go to Dance O Rama.  Dancing is a fun and enjoyable event.  When you add an exciting venue and lots of people, it can create a whirlwind of emotions.  Sometimes there are highs and lows, even when preparing for it.  In the end, it's about having fun throughout the journey and not just about the destination.  When it's 4 weeks away, there are certain steps you'll want to take to ensure a successful and fun experience.

  • FINALIZE.  Use this week to finalize any choreography or sequences you'll be dancing.  Get used to dancing for 1:30 nonstop.  It may sound like an easy task, but you'll be amazed at the difficulty when you have to perform under pressure.  When it comes to costuming, start making final decisions on what you'll wear for Smooth, Rhythm and solo routines if dancing any.  As well as, having the right shoes, jewelry and finalizing hair and make up.  Typically there are vendors for hair and makeup at the event, so you'll want to talk to your studio to set up any appointments ahead of time.  
  • PRACTICE.  At a Dance O Rama, you never know how many people will be on the floor.  some heats will be many, some heats will be few.  This is the perfect time to use a party to practice with other people on the floor.  It may frustrate you, but if you push through that initial pain, what you'll learn, will be well worth the price.  Practice to different tempos of music.  Have your teacher play fast and slow songs to get used to whatever the environment may bring.  You may also want to start practicing with attire and shoes that will be similar to what you'll wear on the day.
  • SMILE.  Around this time, there is a lot of concentration with everything that you are learning.  This is exactly why it's most important to smile.  Smiling is one of the best ways to show that you're having a fun time.  The judges love it and it could result in better scores.  It is difficult to do and there's a part of you that may not want to, but we promise, your face will thank us later.  In addition, the smile will trick your brain into having a fun time which in turn results in you having a fun time.  That sounds like a win win to me.

Work on these three tips to help you out for the week.  Finalize, Practice and Smile and we will see you next week when we focus on what to do with only 3 weeks away from your event.

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