Stepping into the Health Benefits of Salsa Dancing

Posted On 09/08/2015 by admin

Salsa dance lessons are always fun, but they are also surprisingly good for your health. Dancing the salsa gives your body a good workout that helps you build cardiovascular wellness and muscle strength. Here are some of the health benefits you can reap from your salsa dance lessons in San Jose.

Salsa dancing couple with woman sitting down and man leaning toward her

Improved Cardiovascular Function
Salsa dancing is an aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping. When you stick with your salsa dance classes, your heart and lungs will get a good workout every time. Eventually, activities that used to leave you breathless will seem easier, and you’ll have more energy throughout your day. Although salsa dancing isn’t the only type of activity that offers these cardiovascular benefits, but it does have an advantage over your typical jog or walk—it is fun! You’re more likely to stick to salsa dance lessons than other exercises simply because you can have such a good time doing it. You may even start to turn your nights out into a workout if you practice your dance steps at a club instead of going to a movie or out to eat.

Weight Loss
All of the movement involved in salsa dancing, even in beginners dance classes, can add up to a significant amount of calories burned. With repeated dance classes, you may find that your salsa moves lead to weight loss. Try wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker to class to see exactly how many calories you’re burning at each lesson.

Stronger Muscles
Salsa dancing is a great strength-building activity. It is especially good for working your glutes and hips, since it involves so much backward stepping. These muscles generally get overlooked in other aerobic exercises. The additional muscle tissue you build while salsa dancing will also help you to burn more calories while making you look trim and toned.

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