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Posted On 09/20/2016 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a dancer. The hardest step you'll ever take is always the first one.  Learning to dance could seem like a daunting task, but the process and the end result can both prove to be just as exciting. So to help, here are 4 tips from some of the professionals at Arthur Murray Dance Centers to help students be prepared for when they have their first lesson.

1. Be Early

If you're not familiar with the area, you may want to give yourself ample time to find the location. In addition, the team at Arthur Murray will have you come early to fill out your registration since it is your first time. This will also give you time to have your initial consultation, let your instructor know what you need to focus on and get your lesson started on time.

2. Be Comfortable

Whether you're going to a club, working out at the gym or preparing for a good day at work, you'll want to make sure you have the right outfit. Ballroom dancing is similar. First Rule: Wear what's comfortable for you. Just be sure you can be free to move. Whether it's a workout outfit, jeans and tennis or maybe your coming from work. After all, it is your first time. Once you start getting into it, you can dress up like the other members of the community that take dance lessons.

3. Be Open

Learning to ballroom dance can be scary at first and your usually nervous walking into the studio for the first time. Rest assured that the professionals at Arthur Murray take their job seriously and want to make your experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. Your instructor will welcome you to the studio and get you dancing within 5 minutes. Both men and women can have trouble putting themselves out there. So allow yourself to experience the fun of learning to dance. Your partner will thank you for it.  And overall, you'll be happy with yourself that you did it and with the end result should you continue this new journey. 

4. Be Ready

Just like learning a new language, you'll be like a sponge learning new and interesting dances and moves your first time here. Be ready to soak up as much as you can. Their total immersion techniques help you learn to your maximum capabilities. You'll quickly get the hang of it and you'll be dancing before you know it.

One Last Thing...

Lastly, we hope you have a great time at Arthur Murray. Our focus is to give all of our students, like yourself, a wonderful and enjoying experience. Enjoy, laugh, smile, sweat, think and most of all Dance! We're glad you chose us and we look forward to having you Walk In and Dance Out!™

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