Etiquette Tips for Novice Country-Western Dancers

Posted On 09/22/2015 by admin

Like most dances, country-western dance has its own set of norms and rules, but don’t let that keep you off the dance floor. When you take country-western dance lessons in San Jose, your instructor will educate you about what to expect when you take your moves out of the dance classes and to your favorite place to go dancing. As you get accustomed to country-western and country-line dancing, consider the following rules of etiquette for the dancefloor.

Country western dance couple

Gentlemen Lead
Most dances are traditionally done with a male dancer leading, and country-western dancing follows that rule. Men should lead the dance with confidence, but not with force or pressure. Women will need to keep some tension in their arms to follow effectively, rather than letting arms fall limp. In country-western dancing, the men generally set the speed and the direction of the dance, but the women move of their own accord.

Keep the Dancefloor for Dancing
There is only one activity that should be done on the dancefloor, and that is dancing. In your dance studio and beginners dance lessons, you may sometimes stop and talk on the floor to ask questions or receive direction. When you’re country-western dancing outside of class, make sure you’re active and moving when you take to the floor. If you want to stop and chat with someone or if you feel overwhelmed and like you need a little extra direction for the dance you’re doing, step aside so you don’t block other dancers. Drinks and purses don’t belong on the floor either, for safety reasons. Leave these items on the table, as failing to do so could get you removed from some clubs.

Dance for the Size of the Floor
When space on the dancefloor is tight, adjust your moves accordingly. You may have to step smaller, swing your arms less, and keep your twirls tucked in closer to allow everyone ample space. If you can’t adjust your moves just yet, sit out a few dances until the crowd thins out and you feel more confident.

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