Dance Spotlight: The Argentine Tango

Posted On 02/19/2014 by admin

The San Jose area has many nightclubs where you can feel the rhythm and move your feet. If you're interested learning a new dance, you might consider Argentine tango dance lessons. Here's a brief look at Argentine tango and why you should consider taking dance classes:

Argentine tango dance lessons at Arthur Murray

As you might guess from the name, Argentine tango originated in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, where it was developed by Argentine musicians, dancers, and working-class people. Argentine tango can either be danced with an arm-length open embrace, or a chest-to-chest closed embrace. Argentine tango is all about the transfer of emotion between partners, and many call it most passionate of all dances. There is a lot of improvisation involved in Argentine tango—dancers make a series of smooth movements and rarely keep their weight on both feet at the same time. The music

that accompanies Argentine music is varied, and includes genres such as blues, electro-tango, and even experimental rock. If you're thinking of taking Latin dance lessons in San Jose, ask an instructor about Argentine tango.

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