Country Western Dancing 101

Posted On 11/05/2015 by admin

Signing up for two-step dance lessons or country western dance lessons in San Jose at your local dance studio is a fun, exciting way to meet new people, stay active and healthy, and learn something new and interesting. Country western dancing is an informal and relaxed style of dance that is incorporated into a variety of different dance moves and techniques. Keep reading for a basic introduction to country western dancing.

fCountry western dance apparelGetting Familiar With the Country Western Dance Style

Country western dance lessons typically focus on either partner dance lessons or group dance lessons. Two step dance lessons are a good introduction to a partnered country western style of dancing. While country western dances are informal and relaxed, the dances are still precise and smooth. Dancers do not move their hips, bounce, or jump in time to the music, but instead will shuffle or glide around the dance floor.

Country Western Dance Attire

There is no particular uniform or standardized attire that you need to wear to a country western dance lesson or two step dance lesson, but you should wear something comfortable. Most people do prefer to wear cowboy boots and country western attire, such as jeans, skirts, dresses, silk or cotton western-style shirts, and cowboy hats. You should wear lightweight, breathable attire to avoid getting overheated on the dance floor.

Where to Take Country Western Dance Lessons

You can take country western dance lessons and two step dance lessons at dance studios around the country. Many dance studios offer a free, introductory private dance lesson that will help you become familiar with the instructor before committing to group dance classes. Country western dance styles are easy to learn and fun to do, whether you’re on your own, or with a partner. Once you take a few dance classes, you may feel ready to try out your dance skills at a country western bar or dance club.

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