Dip Your Toes into Country Two-Step Dancing

Posted On 10/13/2015 by admin

Country two-step dancing is a popular style of dance that is performed to country western music. Dance studios that offer country western dance lessons in San Jose may teach one of the many different styles of country western dance, but they will all incorporate the traditional or basic two-step dance move.

Country western dance is performed in pairs that consist of a leader and a follower. The traditional two-step dance move is three parts: a quick step, a quick step, and a slow step. The leader steps forward with his left foot, while the follower steps backwards with her right foot. Traditional two-step developed in Europe and Mexico in the 1800s.

Texas two-step, another popular style of country two-step that is often taught in country western dance lessons, consists of a four-part two-step: a quick step, a quick step, a slow step, and a slow step. Texas two-step developed in 1983 and was inspired by the Foxtrot. The two-step style taught in your country western dance lessons may depend upon the region of the country in which your dance studio is located.

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