Bolero: The Dance of Love

Posted On 12/15/2015 by admin

If you’re planning on signing up for dance lessons, you should find a dance studio near San Jose that offers Bolero dance classes. Bolero is a Latin dance that is known for its slow tempo and fluid rhythms. The dance has its origins in Spain and Cuba, and each form is slightly different.

Spanish Bolero is a romantic and sensual waltz that originated in the late 1700s. It can be danced alone, or with a couple. It has a very slow tempo, and is traditionally performed to a live band, but in dance classes it is performed to pre-recorded Latin dance music. Cuban Bolero originated in the early 1900s and is performed in a gentle, slow rhythm in 2/4 time or 4/4 time.

The form of Bolero dancing that is performed in competition in the American Rhythm ballroom dancing category is slightly faster and always in 4/4 time. This dance form combines traditional Cuban dance moves with the rises and falls found in traditional waltzes. The dance can be performed to any type of music, though Latin music is the most popular.Bolero latin dancers

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