5 THINGS to know before you begin Wedding Dance Lessons

Posted On 03/23/2016 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Whether you've recently gotten engaged or have been planning your big day for months, you've likely thought about your wedding dance- specifically the first dance you and your spouse will share together. One of the best ways to prepare for and make the most of that special moment is by taking wedding dance lessons. 

Dance lessons are not only a great way to get a break from the stress of planning your wedding and spend some quality time together, they will help you feel more confident during your first dance and allow you to enjoy the moment, rather than rushing through it. 

Before you step onto the dance floor, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most of your time with any instructor. Here are five tips to better prepare you for your wedding dance lessons:

1. Wear Wedding-Type Wardrobe During Lessons

Although you don't have to show up in your wedding dress or tux, having the right attire will go a long way in preparing for your first dance. For women, consider wearing similar style pumps that are close to what you'll be wearing on your big day, as well as a similar dress so you'll know what to expect. For gentlemen, it's best to wear slacks and formal shoes.

2. Know Your Wedding Dance Location

Knowing the measurements of the dance floor you'll be using on your wedding day will help with choreographing how your dance will go. Practice in the right environment and prepare for what it will feel like in tight spaces if you don't have a lot of room.

3. Think About the Music

Choosing a song is important, but if you don't have one picked out yet, it's not the end of the world. If you don't know what song you want for your first dance, have a selection of songs that are possibilities. Knowing whether you'll be using a DJ or having a live band playing the first dance helps too. Any details you can give your instructor about the music will go a long way in helping them prepare you with the dance best suited to your song.

4. Imagine the Possibilities

Most couples are so worried about the first dance that they forget that there's an entire night of music after their first dance. Be prepared to do a Father/Daughter dance, as well as a Mother/Son dance, as well as dancing during the remainder of the reception. There's also the potential to learn a choreographed wedding party dance to entertain your guests. Enjoy the whole evening by being prepared for it all. You might even consider preparing for the honeymoon. Whether you'll be on a cruise, at a beach location, or overseas, there will be an opportunity to utilize your new skills.

5. Give Yourself Ample Time

One of the biggest mistakes newlywed couples make is not giving themselves enough time to learn how to dance. As much fun as it is, learning to dance can take time depending on how good you want to be. Although wedding specialists can help you prepare in as little as a week, no one likes the stress of an added wieght on their shoulders hours before the wedding. Six months is more than enough time to prepare for your first dance; however, starting early is the best way to get your marriage started on the RIGHT foot!

Let's Get Started

No matter what you decide to do, and when you decide to start your dance lessons, the goal should be to feel more confident and have more fun as you celebrate with family and friends.

At Arthur Murray, your wedding dance is our highest priority. Our talented, friendly instructors will help you prepare for every aspect of your first dance, as well as the rest of the reception, or even for dancing on your honeymoon!

If you're interested in learning more or getting started, sign up now for your wedding dance consultation.


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