3 dances every couple should know to keep the spark

Posted On 10/01/2018 by Juan de Dios Garcia

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Whether you’re in the honeymoon stage of your relationship or the plateau most feel after several years, couples are always looking for ways to keep the relationship fresh. The average American sleeps 6 hours a night, spends 30 minutes getting ready in the morning, spends 1-hour eating, works 10 hour days and spends 1.5 hours in traffic. For a total of 19 hours. Which means that we only have 5 hours a day to connect with our partner. Even less time if you do chores or have children.

Maximizing our time with one another becomes important and finding the right connection could be task-worthy. Joint hobbies can be found in almost any place like running a marathon, gym workouts, book club, meetups or wine bars just to name a few. But finding a hobby that actually makes you physically connect to your partner can be hard to find. On the flip side, it may just be the hobby your relationship needs. 

Ballroom dancing can be an exciting venture for both parties. It’s physical, focuses on your communication and forces quality time together. Simply put, you can’t be on your phone and dance at the same time (sorry social media). And the right dance can be the remedy to spark the romance back into your life. Here are 3 dances every couple should know to liven up the party in your relationship.

The Rumba-  The rumba is one of the most romantic of the dances, forcing you and your partner to get in close contact. It’s a dance that sensually moves the body in unison putting you in a rhythmical trance. Put on a slow jam or a hot spicy Latin song, dim the lights down low and pour your favorite glass of wine because it's going to be a great night. Its versatility can be found from a hot Latin nightclub, a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant or in your kitchen. Making any venue the perfect dance date.

The Swing- if you’ve ever wanted to liven things up, the swing is the one you want. It’s exciting and upbeat, energetic and heart pounding. The quick moves help get your heart racing which can bring you both to a sweat (and that’s just the beginning). Typically the swing can be found at a hot spot around town, any live venue with a hot 10+ piece band or a pumpin’ jazz club. Perfect for the couple that wants to treat themselves to a fun night out on the town. Make sure you eat your Wheaties.

The Fox Trot- Gone may be the days of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, but jazz is certainly at every venue around the world. Fox Trot is the perfect mix of classic and elegant meets sexy and social. Very reminiscent of those jazz days, its ease gives you the opportunity to have a conversation and actually spend quality time with your partner. If you have the feeling of being debonair, black tie affair or just looking for time to share. Then Fox Trot may be the dance that you want to have in your back pocket.

Overall, learning to work together as a unit is the message learned here.  It’s the quickest way to understand how you communicate with each other, how to listen and understand. Both learn to lead and follow with each other, matching the ebb and flow, just like every relationship is. The end result of an unforgettable date night is enticing, however, the magic is in the journey.

If you would like more information on learning to dance, visit an Arthur Murray Dance Center or call one of our bay area locations today.

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