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We don't know about you, but we're bored. Bored of Shelter in Place, nothing to watch on Netflix, Hulu and TV.  We're struggling to find ways to make this pandemic work for us and need a break from the news and negativity that surrounds us. We were looking for something to do that would get us out of this funk and into a more exciting, fun and positive environment. What could we do?

That's when we created Dancing at Home. We're great dancers and skilled at teaching dance. Why not bring this craft we love so much to you, from the comfort of your home. You get a great break from the same old routine and we get to have fun doing what we love, teach dance. It seems like the perfect fit.  Take a class, sweat your buns off, have fun doing something together and reconnect to yourself in a way you never have before. 

That's what Dancing at Home is all about!


As an awkward teen, Murray was impressed with the popularity of a good friend.  Wanting the same, he realized his friend was popular because he was a good dancer. So he took social dance classes. Years later, he was looking for a way to pay for college when students were approaching him, asking to teach them for upcoming school socials. That's when the idea for Arthur Murray Dance Centers was born.


Over 100 years later, Arthur Murray Dance Centers has served the world through the Great Depression, World Wars, and most recently pandemics. The need for dance is what brings people together and gives them a reason to move their body in a fun and exciting way.