5 WAYS to Tell if You're Making Progress

The adage goes “We are all our own worst critic”.  If that’s so, then finding whether or not we are making progress can prove to be a very difficult task.  Everyone expects to see results just after... Read More

3 tips every leader should know

Every morning my wife, Cari, and I take our dog, Julio Iglesias, for a walk.  (Yes, that's his real name).  We hold hands, chat about the previous day, and about the day ahead.  From time to time, we... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Solo

I've always enjoyed watching dance movies.  Some of my favorite scenes are where the main character loses themselves in a solo dance.  Whether it be Gene Kelly and his solo act in Singing In The... Read More


An evening out with my wife is always entertaining. We have a great time, but half the fun is figuring out what to wear. She usually goes through a plethora of outfits until she finds one she feels... Read More


I recently went to the dentist with my wife who had to have a root canal performed. Not fun at all. I sat next to her in support, holding her hand. Giving what comfort I could for this difficult... Read More


Congratulations participant! By signing up for National Dance Day, you are already ahead of the curve. Most people will only spectate in the dance of life. But not you! You are participating.... Read More

5 THINGS to know before you begin Wedding Dance Lessons

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Northern California Showcase...Not your ordinary event

A runner has the marathon. A tennis player, Wimbledon. Golfers have the masters. Track and field, the Olympics. American sports have the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup. And soccer has the World Cup. No... Read More

Dance Madness

Cari and I have travelled the world teaching and training. We love it because it's an opportunity to share what we know. When the students get excited, when they learn something new or a light bulb... Read More

Top 10 Dance Movies of All Time

They say that going to the movies is a perfect way to get away from the world. The snacks you only eat while you're at the movies, the chair and smell of the theatre. And as the lights dim to begin... Read More