Dancing Across the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted On 03/24/2014 by admin

Have you ever wanted to get up and move your body on the dance floor, but felt shy or unsure of your dancing skills? If so, it's time to enroll in dance lessons in San Jose to give you the confidence and skills you need to try out some of the world's most popular dances. When you take dance lessons, you can pick from a variety of popular styles such as Salsa, Mambo, and Waltz. These dances have long and colorful histories, and continue to be popular in modern times. You may want to explore other dances in your classes that are popular across the world, such as the Brazilian Samba or the Spanish Flamenco.

In this infographic from Arthur Murray Dance Centers, you'll see some of the most popular dances in the U.S. and from all over the world. You might even get inspired to try some dance moves on your own! Please share with your friends and family.

Dancing Across the World infographic

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